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Adeeeek, oraenmanieyaaa! Jal jinaechii~ kekeke^^ haha maksudnya itu dss dek tampilan baru, rumah baru! Apa kabar deeek? Kangen deh :p hahaha~
Oct 22 12 11:03 AM
  • kenkiji's Photo
    geuromyo~ kekekeke ^^
    hahaha iya kak, aku sempet pangling liat dss kapan hari, tau2 udah berubah..
    sempet bingung juga, untungnya sekarang udah biasa..
    kabar alhamdulillah baik ^^ aku kan emang ngangenin *hoek* hahahaha
    kakak apa kabar? udah sembuh?
    btw aku udah wisuda loh.. kekeke~
    Oct 30 12 01:26 AM
  • lidyadya's Photo
    huhu, kakak udah lama banget ngilang dari dss T.T udah tahun baru aja ini~ cieee udah sarjana yaaah! selamat yah dek! gimana, udah kepikiran mau cari kerja dimana?
    huhu kangen banget sama dss!
    May 12 13 05:23 AM

lidyadyaYunan Louvenslash

Hey ruka-chan! My leg is totally fine right now :) thank you for the care *hugss* I love jdrama too! Especially the one that shun play in. Lol ohh I'm sorry, my bad! btw, hello neighboor! have a nice day~^^
Oct 22 12 10:59 AM
  • lidyadya's Photo
    Really it's done? I'm going to watch it for sure now, marathon again! kekeke^^ good luck with the college stuffs dear, and the exam! I know you'll do great~
    Ohh~ where are you going to do your internship? I wish you got nice place :)
    I remember my internship a long time ago, it was in my mother's office well it's nice because I know all of my mom's friends but there's nothing really I can do. So I was just helping around with small matters.
    Oct 23 12 03:36 PM
  • lidyadya's Photo
    I wish I can do more, you know. It'll be so boring if we're not doing anything. keke :)
    Btw, which university you're in? I have some friends in Perlish, but I don't remember their college name.
    And there's also 2 in Sunway.
    I've visited them a few times ago before. If we have known each other before, maybe we can met :)
    I hope you have a great day at college~
    Oct 23 12 03:39 PM
  • Yunan Louvenslash's Photo
    Yunan Louvenslash
    I wish to meet you too. ^^ yeah, the drama done airing and thanks ^^ I'll having my internship at IT Department of a hospital. try that place for a starter. :) My university's name is UiTM but Kedah branch campus. I been to Perlis once but didn't stay long there. where is Sunway?? many places in KL have Sunway as their name. have a nice day Lidya~
    Oct 23 12 05:39 PM


Hello~! It's really been a long time >.< Iryu is good right? I told you. kekeke^^ Nope, I haven't watch golden time, I've been so busy these few months. Can't even go online :( Btw, have a nice day~
Oct 22 12 10:33 AM


Hi~! Thanks to you too :) Have a great day^^
Oct 22 12 10:31 AM

lidyadyaM!ss A

Good luck! And have fun with the new college life :) I hope you have a nice day too *hugsss
Oct 22 12 10:28 AM
  • M!ss A's Photo
    M!ss A
    Thanks ~ Hopes that same for you too ~ *hugs* :D
    Oct 22 12 02:27 PM
  • lidyadya's Photo
    Too bad holiday is over.. I hope you can just enjoy every class though, sometimes college got cool things going around~ You just need to find out^^
    Oct 22 12 06:29 PM
  • M!ss A's Photo
    M!ss A
    hahaha , now I have a week off "Holiday" for Eid hahaha yaaay :D and University is a bit interesting LOL
    Oct 28 12 08:41 AM


kakak :D oraenmanieyo~ jal jinaesso?? cieee yg rumah baru :3 hehehe
Oct 22 12 05:59 AM


Hallo everyone! I'm back! It's been a long time and our home is totally new, I like it <3
Oct 21 12 11:00 AM
  • Asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii's Photo
    It makes me go back to Me Too Flower <3 kind of the same thing meaning
    fashion designer and police woman ,I love that drama ^^.
    I guess more points for this one new ! I love both of them as acting but it's me wondering about their chemistry lol
    many say its good from the stills ^_* I hope its daeback ! ^^
    pandahugssssssss ^^
    Oct 22 12 11:40 AM
  • lidyadya's Photo
    You're right! And I think yoochun and eunhye chemistry will be great. The stills and poster shoot and everything that let me peeking through the filming makes me really looking forward for this one! I can't waiiiiit~ dramaland going to kill me! LOL^^
    Oct 22 12 06:31 PM
  • Ahmi_Jai's Photo
    Yayyyyy welcome back my sweet!!! Will chat more when back from hols :DD
    Oct 30 12 11:36 AM


Amyyyy I miss youuuu *kiss* *hugssss It's really a long time. I'm fine now, and my feet is totally recover too. I'm just finish my study this september, and after that my school want me to teach in some of the junior's classes that's why I haven't online this long time. I miss you so muuuuuch! and look at our home, it's totally new! Kekeke^^
Oct 21 12 10:58 AM
  • lidyadya's Photo
    I just scrolling down my feeds, and I just realize I haven't replied your 5-length-pots on my wall! I feel bad :(( I'm sorry sweetheaaaaart :(( and is that the new hair cut? it suits you well~ I hope you get your laptop prettily fixed! *kissss* *hugsss* have a nice daaaaay~
    Oct 22 12 11:08 AM
  • Ahmi_Jai's Photo
    Hahaha so thats what you meant bout the new home XD its taken me a long time to get used to it haha but I will be back to chat to you more cos I've been going crazy with replies and swimming through floods to get to some internet (at my uncle's) I've missed you lots and lots, just glad that you are back and all better now :D My hair has gotten longer now but I like my new pic so you won't get to see it any time soon haha take care my sweet, when I'm back from hols will com...
    Oct 30 12 12:52 PM


Hey Lidya how have you been my sweet?? Haven't seen you for QUITE a while haha and I hope you are well and fully recovered now :D take care and come and chat to me soon.x.
Sep 28 12 12:30 AM

M!ss Alidyadya

Thanks ^^ I got into the GUtech (German Uni for technology) .. saying Collage Life feels scary at first lol xD But seems fun too .. Hopes you are having a nice day :D
Aug 09 12 03:24 PM


Heya!! Now with Rich Man...and also Ghost, I gotta choose which one i should start an episode today. *ponders* But aye, I watched Iryu medical dragon and you're right it's a good drama. Will continue watching it of course. So have you started watching Golden Time yet?
Aug 08 12 03:50 PM


Hi! Thanks for adding me as your friend :-)
Aug 07 12 08:14 AM


Ohh kk juga banyak tuh temen di stan, ada yg masih kuliah ada yg udah kerja juga..
Tapi kk gatau dia pajak ato bukan.
Kamu kenal mungkin yah, namanya Ginda Lukita.
Ohh udah gaterlalu sering?
Yah nikmatin aja dulu main sama temen dek, nanti baru marathon nonton film2 baru.. Haha
Aug 07 12 08:13 AM


Haha kk juga nunggu sahur, tapi selama sakit+libur ini jam tidur kk bener2 berubah 180derajat.
Kalo diatas jam 12 beneran udah gabisa tidur lagi. Bangun siang terus. Ditambah bulan puasa, jadi tambah gabisa berubah..
Kalo dikaskus kk banyak ikut forum dan kegiatan, jadi hobi ngejunk deh :p hehe
Haha kk sih yakinnya adek cowok~
Tapi terserah deh, yg penting kan ngobrol-nya^^
Aug 07 12 08:10 AM


Haha iya sih, emg cenderung gitu. Tapi kk jarang nemu cowok di dss.. Mungkin ga tau aja kali ya..
Temen ngobrol kk yg cowok cuma si soomab tuh haha dia juga asik ngobrolnya~
Hahaha soalnya orang tuh penasaran dek, mereka pengen kenal lebih deket aja kali. Kan lagian aneh juga kalo mereka panggil kamu -chan, atau onni, ternyata kamu cowok. Hahaha
Aug 07 12 08:07 AM
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