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lidyadya Asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Kekeke^^ thank you for the warm welcome! Btw, you like J-music too? I like arashi and kat-tun the most! Hope we can be a good friend :)
May 17 12 04:13 PM


Hallo Lidya ^^
Enjoy being a part of this comunity !!
Take care
May 16 12 03:32 PM


Welcome to DarkSmurfSub.com lidyadya! I'm glad you decide to join this awesome site and hopefully you can enjoy not only our released subs but also our site features! If you have any problems around the site, don't hesitate to contact me or other DSS staffs around. We will help you! Have a great time! ~nezz you have any problems on the site, or with the subtitles, feel free to ask the Welcome team for help. Regards. ~nezz
May 14 12 06:02 PM
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