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kakak lgi sakit? *baru ngeliat post d amy-chan*
sakit apa? cepet sembuh ya ^^
Aug 06 12 06:42 PM

lidyadyaMiss Sachiko

Yup, I'm baaack :)
How are you Sachiko-chan?
I hope you have a good day >.<
Take care you too dear *hugsssss
Aug 06 12 06:42 PM


Well from your explanation I think it's worth a try.
Let's see if I like it!
And I wish you can watch ghost too, it's totally recommended. Lol
By the way, like versaillesyoo said bellow, Iryu Team Medical Dragon is good too, I've read the manga before. And I think it's a great medical drama too, you should try :)
Take care you too *hugsss
Aug 06 12 06:39 PM


Finally, Shun new drama, Rich Man Poor Woman! Never get bored with his drama, always the best!
Aug 06 12 06:35 PM
  • Ahmi_Jai's Photo
    Haha Lidya, I heard good things bout it and you will enjoy it I think... I'm waiting for it to finish ^^
    Aug 06 12 09:49 PM
  • Pinksilhouette's Photo
    oh, you're the 2nd person saying good stuffs abt. this drama. *me place it on my to watch list* on 2nd thought, maybe, I'll watch an episode today. Thanks :)
    Aug 08 12 03:46 PM

lidyadyaM!ss A

Yeah everything is good now! Thank you dear :)
And you got a scholarshiiiip! That's greaaaat!
Congratsss >.<
Btw which uni you got into?
Even though it's going to be tough for a freshmen, I hope you can enjoy your college life *hugsssssss
Aug 06 12 06:33 PM


Hey Neno! You can call me Lidya :)
You're welcome^^
Yup, I'm doing good now, thank you~
How about you?
I hope you have a great day, take care *hugs*
Aug 06 12 06:30 PM

lidyadyaYunan Louvenslash

Hey Ruka, thank youu! Me too >.<
I just got some bad luck last month, and I missed a few new drama.
I'm doing a marathon right now! Kekeke
I'm currently watching ghost, genteleman's dignity, and big!
What about you?
By the way, are you Indonesian?
I hope you have a good day, take care *hugs*
Aug 06 12 06:25 PM

lidyadyaSoo Mab

I think it's not going to be in my country either Lol
Yeah, because they're all A-list actor in their respective countries.
Fighting! I wish you could review it, I mean like in the blog-review-kinda-thing. Kekeke^^
Aug 06 12 06:18 PM


Tell me about your day too!! I wish you have a good one *hugssssss
Aug 06 12 06:14 PM


I know they have their own activities but I really wanna go out. And I can't do that alone :((
And I really wanna watch new Total Recall !!!
It's on theater now, but I can't go out because, yeah, this foot!
I hope my friend can visit me soon and take me out~
Okay, it's 3 post in a row now, we're even. LOL
What about you?...
Aug 06 12 06:14 PM


Well, my dayyyy, I just did 3 dramas marathon, and another walking practice at hospital.
By the way the trainer is handsome >.<
Well at least my rehab is not as bad as I think. LOL!
But my friends haven't visited me for a few days now, I feel lonely because I don't really have anything to do besides watching drama.
Aug 06 12 06:11 PM


aku baru aja gabung d cts indo dan blm banyak ngesub juga jadi gak terlalu banyak kenal ^^
aku lahir taun 1992, berarti aku yg panggil kakak ya :DDDD
aku tinggal d surabaya, tpi lagi kuliah di jakarta..
mau lulus juga sih tapi, udah tahun terakhir..
kakak tinggal di jakarta? kuliah?
Aug 06 12 06:11 PM


I just did 3 dramas marathon! *phew!
And you're so right, I'm searching stuff for ghost and g.o mblaq now. Lol I don't know he has such talent in acting! He's good!
Hahaha I lost a few kgs when I'm sick last month :p
I know that feeling, we girls. Haha But don't push yourself okaaay, if you sick then I will be sad :(
Aug 06 12 06:07 PM

Rain's Cloudlidyadya

lovely hello and welcome back to dss, sorry for my belated reply, how have you been? where were you hiding? i missed you lots...i'm watching ghost this drama is so brilliant...anyways lovely come and visit me whenever you're on, it's nice to talk to you once again*hugs*
Aug 06 12 11:42 AM

Miss Sachikolidyadya

Aww, thank you Lidya for the wish. It's okay that now you're back! And I miss you too. Hu2. Take care ya! :)
Aug 06 12 05:20 AM
  • Miss Sachiko's Photo
    Miss Sachiko
    Oh, I'm doing well. How about you? Hope you'll have a wonderful days ahead too. :)
    Aug 09 12 07:47 AM
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