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Heyya! Well, GT is my very first K/medical drama- so I have zero clue if comparing it to any besides English ones like House :p So far, imho, i think it's good. Most who have watched it, like it. The storyline is pretty interesting. U may wanna try an episode and see for urself. Lemme know. I've heard many good reviews of Ghost, makes me start maybe this wk. Take care :)
Aug 05 12 07:26 PM


Hey there Lidyada~ thanks for the add :), How r u? Hope u r doing great xoxo
Aug 05 12 12:41 PM


... haha its only friends who post more than 7 or 8 posts that makes me go a little bit lazy cos that is officially a pm haha and with pm's I take bout a week??
Haha do that my sweet, tell me bout your day, what has been happening, what you want to do, who annoyed you etc, I chat too much and if you wanna chat to me then I welcome it!! Take care my sweet.x.
Aug 05 12 02:10 AM


...sometimes I want to work harder so I will lose weight haha I'm still a girl lidya and you know what us lot are like, we want to go through horrible things to be thin haha although I'm not as twisted and I don't starve myself, just cut down XD
I'm fine and don't worry bout my health, if I feel bad... you would defo hear bout it!!!! Ofcourse I would rep...
Aug 05 12 02:07 AM


Keke I'm glad that all is well now!!! Haha check you out!! We dont see you for days on end and now... 2 days in a row!! So does that mean that you are now whizzing through all those dramas?? Haha you must be now up to date with ghost and searching for new stuff?? I want to do drama marathons too :P
Haha I'm always working the same amount although...
Aug 05 12 02:03 AM

Soo Mablidyadya

months later... until then Fighting^^
Aug 04 12 01:24 PM

Soo Mablidyadya

Ya sure, lets keep writing to one another once in a while^^
No, I haven't seen "The Thieves"... it has probably just hit the theaters in South Korea and I'm sure it will never have a release in my country =P
From the looks of it, I think its good... But before I can really review I need to watch it and that would be a couple of internet surfing months late...
Aug 04 12 01:22 PM

M!ss Alidyadya

Yeah , I am done with Finals already .. Enjoying the rest of my holiday now haha .. What about you ? Hopes everything is going great ^^
Aug 04 12 11:25 AM

Yunan Louvenslashlidyadya

heyya Lidya ^^ welcome back to DSS. hope to know you more. call me Ruka.
Aug 04 12 10:56 AM


Yeah, we have to tally speak in bahasa now!
Aku juga ngobrol pake bahasa indonesia tuh sama topofbb, dia anggota cts non-english team juga kalo gak salah~
Wait, are you older, younger, or same age with me?
Kalo lebih tua, aku harus panggil kk nih.
Kamu tinggal dmn? Jakarta?
Aug 04 12 08:20 AM

lidyadyaM!ss A

Thank you again~
I've seen you have finish your exam right?
You're on holiday now?
That's good!
Aug 04 12 07:56 AM

lidyadya MSKpoplove

Yeah, everything is good now.
I'm totally back on track~ Kekeke^^
And congrats on your promotion by the way!!
take care. *hugssssss
Aug 04 12 07:54 AM


Yeah I see that, congraaaaats!! You must be so busy, but yet you're here replying my message.
Thank youuuuu *hugsssssssss
But hey, doing something we like sure bring more lots of fun~
If I could I'm going to visit you everyday then! :)
Have fun you too. xoxo
Aug 04 12 07:50 AM


Kekeke. That's okay, it's all good now.
I think they really need to build that kinda machine to us! Lol^^
Yup, I just did a marathon yesterday, Ghost is good!
I hope you're not working too hard, and take care of your health sweetheart! (this health thing seriously bother me after that accident, huh) :D
Aug 04 12 07:48 AM


hi, lidya :D
are you come from indonesia too?
whoaa, that's nice seeing same-country friend here XD
pardon me if later i might used bahasa a lil bit *lol*
take care and have a nice day..
Aug 04 12 05:00 AM
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