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lidyadya Asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Asi-chan!!! I miss youuu~ well, I miss you and Ahmi the most actually. kekeke^^ I hope you're doing great! I feel bad for Ahmi because she still write to me even I've been gone for a long time :( I feel bad for you too, because you still welcome we with warm even after such a long time! What can I do without you and Amy in here :'( Btw, have a nice day for youuuuu *bearhugssss*
Oct 22 12 11:16 AM
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    My leg is totally fine now, thanks dear *kiss* Ohh Amy-chan is still on holiday? I keep wondering why she didn't reply my post.. I hope she enjoy her holiday too :) Yeah, they're going to aired some special dramas before I miss you, that's why I miss you premiere will be on 7th. I really can't wait >.<
    Oct 23 12 03:21 PM
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    Maybe you can use some vitamins to make it longer? Don't be sad dear, I think you'll look good even with short looks :) When I was in high school, my hair is really short just like a man. And I always going around in long pe uniform pants, after that all of my girl friends call me 'kakak' it's like older brother or oppa in Indonesian. kekeke^^ I'm enjoying that, and after, that nickname never leave me. Until now my friends still call me 'kakak' LOL :p
    Oct 23 12 03:27 PM
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    I'm always happy to have a chat with you Asi-chaaaan >.< *hugssssssssssssss*
    I will search that song! I alwasy enjoy ost though, most of the songs in my playlist is from some movies or dramas. They always nice to hear :)
    Thank you for the recommendation dear~ Have a nice day *bearhugsssssss* *kissssssss*
    Oct 23 12 03:30 PM
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