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I MISS YOUUUUUUUU Amy sweetheaaart~ *kissssssss* arghhhh its really really really a long time since my last visit here T.T
May 12 13 05:26 AM
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    Hahaha I'm sure that every time you come onto here... its a new layout? XD but I like it now but I don't like the fact that I always have to switch to the light version, its like you have to redo the settings each time... I don't like the dark layout?
    I'm coming down with a cold haha and I'm so tired from work that I've become lazy? My day without you...
    May 13 13 11:57 PM
  • Ahmi_Jai's Photo
    ...it felt lacking :(( maybe... cos I missed you? Mwahaha
    Ask away my lovely... if they are weird questions... I won't answer and I will tell you that you are strange :PP don't worry, my days tend to be... weird? My ma tried to be a DIY goddess and now it just drizzles T_T

    May 14 13 12:01 AM
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    I'm just watching shows at the moment but I'm going to be finishing off all my dramas that I paused haha such as: Iris, who are you, painter of the wind... and thats just the korean ones as well haha and I see you are liking jang ok jung :D take care my lovely and chat to you soon *bearhugs*.x.
    May 14 13 12:06 AM
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