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Oooooh... It's been so loooong... Do I still remember how to do this....?
Feb 18 20 12:51 PM
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    Mar 02 20 03:21 PM
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    I still visit.
    I still post.
    DarkSmurf lives!
    Mar 04 20 09:27 PM


So many lines, so little energy...
May 25 15 12:34 PM
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    and time...

    so true :)
    Jun 04 15 11:24 AM


I'm numb... and my eye doesn't work right... DAMN Obligatory Vaccines!
Mar 10 14 07:20 PM


Congrats on your first award. Hope to read more of your blogs^^ I was away when you started your blog and missed giving it to you. Please forgive :)
Feb 21 14 10:42 PM
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    ...huh? Thanks. I actually put up a diary blog somewhere else to avoid bothering people, but maybe I'll get back to this one after all. Good to know. ^^
    (What's to forgive? I didn't even know I was up for one.)
    May 25 15 12:33 PM
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    May 25 15 06:08 PM


Ise I hope you've had a lovely xmas, I didn't want to reply to the message in case I forget about it and think that I've replied, everyone needs lists in their lives!! I hope you are well my lovely and don't worry bout the pm haha cos I perfectly understand, from one hardcore pm writer to another XD take care and happy new year!!.x.
Dec 30 13 02:45 AM


Ise!!!!!!!!! Hahaha can I say that your last pm shocked me?? It was so long! I saw it on my hotmail first and on my phone and after a while it stopped loading, you is a crazy XD but I'm just here to say hello and will be replying soon but at the mo... I'm getting into the swing of things, I've turned into a chipmunk. I want to hibernate XD take care my sweet.x.
Dec 08 13 03:34 AM


Hey Ise, just a quick hello to let you know that I have seen your pm and don't worry I'm not scared of it and I will reply soon haha but at the moment am stuck with a lot of things need doing for Discussions so I won't be replying that quickly? Don't worry I always reply and I think 'better late than never' haha take care now :))
Jul 21 13 02:13 AM


There. Emergency tended to. Who told "New Messages" to look like that anyway... Invisible, totally invisible...
Jun 09 13 12:37 AM
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    Haha Ise XD I must admit I was surprised to see those messages after so long haha xmas was it? I will reply soon... but then I have waited for a little while, I'm sure you can wait a few more days XD *nudges* :DD
    Jun 09 13 09:24 PM


Hello there *waves* thanks for the add. I hope you have a great New Year ^^
Jan 02 13 02:39 PM
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    I'll reply to your message in a few. But in quick reply. I'm afraid I dunno what the title of that drama is. If u haven't found the answer yet, lemme know and I'll ask around. Take care :)
    Jan 02 13 02:41 PM
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    still don't know the name of the seven angel drama. It was incredibly silly, so I really miss it. Water demons in obvious plastic/rubber costumes, an angel overeating so she couldn't fly, only to be thrown in jail with a lady named "I don't know" or some such, trying to dig her way out with a spoon, and another lady that keeps laughing, and a swordsman that has no idea what he's thrown himself into by receiving her help, except he seems to be a wanted man, as uniformed...
    Jun 08 13 11:29 AM


Ise thanks for adding me :D haha I see we have a new member to help liven up dss, it needs shaking up?? Take care now ^^
Dec 31 12 03:25 AM


Thank you so much for the add and I hope to be a good friend for you ^_^
Dec 23 12 02:34 PM


Welcome on board!!! ^^
Dec 22 12 10:09 PM


Hello and Welcome to the DSS Universe Iseria2you! I hope you enjoy it here and take the time to explore everything within our community. We like to think that we do more than just provide the fast subs, but also give members such as you a place to make new friends. We are real excited about the new look of the site. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or any number of the DSS Staff and we will be glad to help you in any way we can.
Dec 21 12 01:55 AM
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    Thank you. ^_^ I enjoy this so far. I hope it stays that way. ^_^
    And you're really good at subs. For the most part. :P
    Dec 22 12 09:34 PM
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