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Watching Healer and HJI... why are there no dramas to watch when I have so much time to kill right now T.T
Jan 28 15 01:27 PM
  • krstjb's Photo
    Watch Heart to Heart :)
    Jan 31 15 02:56 PM
  • babytotoro's Photo
    @berceuse I can give you some of my time if you'd like \(^_^)\
    @zazazebee recommend me some? :)
    @krstjb thanks for the recommendation! I'll go try watching it!
    Mar 16 15 03:09 PM
  • zazazebee's Photo
    I want to watch Heart to Heart, Kill me Heal me, Bad Guys, Gu Family book, Iljimae... ;)
    Mar 17 15 08:06 PM
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