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 Asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Alannia

Alannia eonnie ! annyeong ! I have a question ! I forgot the name of the gif maker you are using ,can you tell me please ,thank you . You seem pretty quiet is everything all right ? bearhugsss
Jun 28 14 09:58 PM
  • Asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii's Photo
    I found it on Amy chan tumblr lol ,the answer I mean ^_*
    But thank you for telling me even now ^^ .

    Ganbatte eonnie ! manhiii bearhugsss
    Jul 08 14 12:44 PM
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    Yes, it was pretty hard for me. I stayed with with this uncle from birth till 6 years old coz my grandma was taking care of me. When I was about 4 years old, I remember him bringing me out when he went dating. We went for ice-cream at the revolving restaurant which was the most happening place that time.
    Jul 09 14 03:22 AM
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    Btw, what's your tumblr account name?
    Jul 09 14 03:24 AM
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