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There are times that even crying won't calm you!
Jan 18 14 06:34 PM
  • peacewon's Photo
    When I get really mad I cry like that and that just makes me more angry and cry harder..
    Jan 19 14 10:50 PM
  • fast's Photo
    crying crying crying... that is the only thing which is useless except in some certain places
    if you are angry or mad then go out and do something that you love to do
    I hope you will be fine soon

    Jan 20 14 07:37 AM
  • Biane★'s Photo
    @Muzmuz joon, Well nothing is working right now :l
    @Peacewon,eh? Shouldn't tears calm you? Why u get more angry?!
    @Fast, Crying is not useless at least for a girl, it's not the sore point or weakness. Sometimes it calms your heart!
    Jan 20 14 07:45 PM
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