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Biane★ Asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Behtariniiiiii, in jomleyeh maneh doset daram khili ziad, Do you still remember that song?
Jun 07 14 03:35 PM
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    ...They are simple happiness but they are precious. you can play a dance song and dance for yourself, read books and jokes, watch dramas, work and at the end of the day tell yourself " You did your best today and it was great, I love you" and go to sleep by a smile, so the other they you will wake up with that and show the world your beautiful smile. You need to live your life and make it shinny and bright while there are lots of unsolved problems.
    Jun 09 14 10:36 PM
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    You sould always know that you are not alone, God is always with you. I'm always with you too even though there are distances but as long as I'm in your heart I'm always by your side. So please don't feel lonely and smile, I want to see my beautiful daughter's smile ^^

    Jun 09 14 10:41 PM
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    Yes Yes exams are hard specially the ones for Master degree T_T but you know I can succeed one day, your Mommy is smart :D
    I love you *tight bear hugssssssss and kisseeeeeeeees* Please take care of yourself.
    Jun 09 14 10:44 PM
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