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Too many good dramas and just a few translators :(
Sep 28 12 02:44 PM
  • Soo Mab's Photo
    Soo Mab
    Maybe you can get a torrent from Soompi and fish around in other sites for the subtitles. DSS is there of course.
    Sep 29 12 04:31 AM
  • Asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii's Photo
    lol beezee the same thing I heard it last night :D well I wait for it too .
    Let's hope our friends who sub have enough rest :D
    Fighting !
    Sep 29 12 06:04 AM
  • beezee's Photo
    On Soompi I can't find anything. Probably 'cause I'm not registered. Asiantorrents has the subs, but I'm not registered there either, and I need an invitation to do so.
    I know how much time it takes and how tiring is to sub, and here are really only a handful people who know Korean or Chinese to do so, so I understand them, and I don't want to pressure them. :) It's their right to sub what and when they want. I'll just wait. :)
    Sep 29 12 08:04 AM
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