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Stormy week. Flood everywhere. Half of Metro Manila is already underwater. One of the worst I've experienced so far (another is Typhoon Frank which hit Panay Island last 2008). We were almost flooded also here in our place earlier but luckily, it did not. Hope the weather gets better already. To my countrymen, stay safe! Pray for the Philippines.
Aug 20 13 10:58 AM
  • raelju's Photo
    oh my. praying for you guys! sa news lang ako nakakaupdate. update update nlng din sa friends ko sa Manila. hope you're okay!
    Aug 21 13 03:11 PM
  • yongchanie's Photo
    stay safe noona! ;;~;;
    Aug 22 13 03:23 AM
  • Freyja Gefn's Photo
    Freyja Gefn
    rip in peace
    Aug 22 13 06:06 AM
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