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Lidya *bearhugs* how have you been my sweet?? Have missed you lots and lots you know!! But I think you must be really busy, but please come and say hello :D
Nov 24 12 02:56 AM
  • Ahmi_Jai's Photo
    I'm so glad that your feet are well again cos you may go crazy being stuck in the hospital and not being able to see your friends but the only good thing was that you got to catch up with all your dramas... and come chat to us :D
    How is the teaching going?? Wahh seems to me that there are many teachers on dss *proud* is it fun... or are they all naughty and they take away all your energy haha
    Nov 24 12 02:59 AM
  • Ahmi_Jai's Photo
    Are you used to our new layout now?? It took me forever to get used to it *sighs* but there are going to be some changes made soon haha I hope they are the ones that I have been secretly moaning about XD
    Keke I realised that I always write too much and sometimes its difficult to reply... so I will be brief this time... well a bit more than before!!
    Nov 24 12 03:02 AM
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    Are you watching anything at the moment?? Me? I'm watching running man and then onto dong yi and I'm not starting anything new cos I always watch things in my own time... when everyone has finished and forgotten about it :D
    Going to love you and leave you now, so take care and will see you soon.x.
    Nov 24 12 03:04 AM
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