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Ahmi_Jai Asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Asi-chan *bearhugs forever* how have you been my lovely? Omo I saw Nia being an admin and I had to come check on you as you are a brilliant admin and I feel very reasurred that you still are red :DD I'm ok... not happy at all and verging on fuming cos of my friend that got married. I understand how she feels and let things go cos her gran passed away but I feel she takes me for granted and doesn't appreciate me and only her friends she met from work.
Jul 01 14 10:39 PM
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    I've been so ill this past week that I haven't done much? I enjoy tumblr a lot as all those pretty posts makes me happy and relaxes me when I'm stressed and also it means I can be unsociable?? I understand about what you mean about those kind of things as it does eat me up but being away...
    Jul 20 14 09:50 PM
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    ...has helped me and many times I just want to leave but when I have a break I feel so much better. I hope you are well my lovely, I haven't heard from you for a long time and I keep on thinking of you whenever I go to a coffeeshop? Haha its so strange! As soon as I go in and look at the selection, you pop into my head keke we are destined to meet for coffee!!!
    Jul 20 14 09:52 PM
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    Take care my lovely, ohhhh I watched this drama: Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo. I dunno why but the characters are so lovable and it made me smile and even though its not a very provoking drama, its very sweet and heartwarming and the ending was cute too *bearhugs forever* ganbatte!!!!.x.
    Jul 20 14 09:55 PM
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