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Ahmi_Jai Asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

PS I had a thought, you know that I think of you as dss's dj?? Well... what do you think about having a song of the day or something along those lines? Maybe we can make a topic where you are in charge of the songs or you can set up polls for different songs within a topic for the week and people vote etc and it can be latest music etc? Just a suggestion :DD
Jul 01 14 10:50 PM
  • Asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii's Photo
    thinking,thinking,thinking,....processing ,processing .....
    It's a good idea ! I like it .I just want to think how should I make it more appealing.That Mean Daily I must post in the shoutbox the link to the new post ....
    Jul 04 14 06:56 AM
  • Ahmi_Jai's Photo
    haha its an idea as I was thinking of songs and I really missed our dj T_T but I always remember how we used to find out new songs or great ones from our statuses and first thought was you!! Well I don't think you have to make it daily as you can also make it weekly and we can edit the first post...
    Jul 20 14 09:44 PM
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    ...so we can always have people voting for their fave song? We can just change and edit the poll thing each week if needed and that would save us from making new topics and just use the same one but make a note on it to say that the polls will change each week? Omo I wish we can have this thing where the song with most votes gets played??
    Jul 20 14 09:46 PM
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