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#1 jessyj


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    Posted 19 Jun 11 - 01:22 PM

    I know some people would like a particular discussion topic . . .
    BUT you are too lazy to create their own
    because of all these stupid rules we have create

    WELL S.O.R.RY for making you lazy people do a little research, taking time out of your oh so busy lives
    [total sarcasm if you didnt realise =.=]

    anyway here is a solution
    you tell us what you want and we will create the damn topic that you were too busy/lazy to create
    but even here there are rules [yes we love our rules]

    1. Only ONE request at a time
    "awww but i really want these two topics"
    TOO BAD~! wait until your request has been fulfilled before requesting again
    or you can get off your lazy ass and make it yourself!

    2. DO NOT request something that has already been requested!
    "WHAT! youre telling me to read every single request here!?"
    yes i am!! we will refuse to create that topic if we see more than one request for it!
    dont worry we wont make you click through 50 pages =.=
    we will delete old request posts that have been fulfilled

    3. BE PATIENT!
    "Why are you taking so long in making one little topic"
    Because we have other stuff to do as well!
    The discussion team/moderators will create your topic as soon as they can
    so stop whining!
    if you want it done so soon then create it yourself!

    4. Be polite when requesting
    "so i cant write in caps?"
    so why would you need to ask that =.= OF COURSE NOT!
    The staff here are doing YOU a favour
    we dont want to feel like we are being yelled at
    and a simple thank you/please is <3

    5. Keep the topic alive
    "eh how do i do that?"
    simply by posting in it and getting others to join in through discussions

    6. Please use this format when requesting
    [b]'Drama Name'[/b]
    [u]Other information:[/u]
    [i]Do you promise to try to keep this topic alive?[/i]

    Even though there is a request topic
    PLEASE try to create the topics yourself

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    #2 Jeebus


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    Posted 30 May 12 - 02:38 PM

    'My Husband Got A Family'

    Please :)
    Starting to watch it :P

    (Jeebus Gets Ready)


    JEE BUS :]

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    #3 soracantabile


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    Posted 31 May 12 - 02:57 AM

    'My Husband Got A Family'

    Please :)
    Starting to watch it :P

    (Jeebus Gets Ready)

    got it..
    you can start the discussion HERE
    enjoy! :)

    ~~share your thoughts about entertainmenthere!~~


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