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Guest Message by DevFuse


How long for a non-korean to learn korean language

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#21 하마리엘


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    Posted 05 Feb 12 - 11:04 AM

    First of all, you will think that Korean language is difficult, but after you memorize all of Hangul (Korean Character) you will think that Korean language is easy to learn.
    Compared to Mandarin, I prefer to choose Korean than Mandarin.
    I just spend 1 year of my time learn about Korean language and now I can read, write and speak Korean fluently.
    "You just need 1 Day to memorize all of Hangul Character!"
    If you want to learn Korean language easily you can ask me or search seemile My link
    you can learn Korean language and Chinese language there.
    You will be guided by professional teacher.
    :panda_girl_funnyface: Hwaiting^^
    만나서 반갑습니다!!
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    #22 NnTt


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    Posted 17 Feb 12 - 10:48 AM

    I think it really depends on how much fluency you wish to achieve. No matter what language to achieve fluency you need to study for years and practice hard. However if you are under 17 it will be way easier.

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    #23 Jeebus


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    Posted 30 May 12 - 03:17 PM

    I´ve studied mandarin for 3 years in school and korean for about a ½ year longer alone on my spare time. And I know much more korean then mandarin now.
    Kinese characters are really complicated and hangul(korean characters) is really simple and logical(if you ask me). I don´t think there´s many things they both have in common. Koreans use the kinese alphabet some times(but I hardly saw any when I was in korea.) and some words sound the same.
    I´m still not completely fluent in korean and I still use subs when I watch dramas etc. but I haven´t had a teacher when studying, I´ve only learned from music and dramas. If you have a teacher or can get your hands on some books(and have easy for learing language) I don´t think it´ll take much more then 3 years untill you´re fluent.
    I hope my answer will help you. I certainly think you should give it a try! ^^
    - SKMorphine

    Jeebus Shall Join You!
    (Learning Korean...as soon as Im finished watching my verrry 1st KDRAMA :P)


    JEE BUS :]

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    #24 JinYeon


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    Posted 15 Aug 12 - 04:45 PM

    Well if you want to learn a language faster the only option is to stay at that country.

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    #25 itsfun



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    Posted 04 Mar 14 - 10:06 PM

    Both of them have different difficulties, if you only considering about character and alphabet yes Korean is easier..

    But for structure and grammar, I think Chinese has better and easier to understand...


    I'd like to explain it long, but I don't think my english will be that good...

    Chinese looked harder cause you have to master all of the character to understand it, even a word like A has 4 different character, different meaning and different pronunciation.. Yes it hard, and it takes much time. But if you look at the word's structure, it's really easier to be learned.

    ex :

    I understand : Wo ming bai : Ihae haesseoyeo

    I don't understand : Wo bu ming bai : Ihae ga jal andweyo

    you're beautiful : Ni hen mei li : areumdausineyo

    you're not beautiful : Ni hen bu mei li : areumdaun anieyo

    That's just a simple example about the placement of "not" in a sentence. There's more complicated one.

    But yes, there's also similar structure.. like tomorrow, next month, next week, yesterday, last week, last year, and many more...


    Korean structure and grammar a bit like Japanese, It's simple to know it but harder to understand it... IMO...

    And there's also polite and casual form, just like Japanese. Even for number it use different form in Cardinal number and in Ordinal number.

    But for Chinese, if you know the word, you just have to make the right order... no need for particle...


    I wish i could explain more..  :(  


    The most important thing in learning language is Time, Effort and Use it whenever you can... and another one is be patient...

    learning languages is learning by doing... the more you use it, the more you'll understand it...

    I'm currently learning korean, chinese and japanese at once... But lacks of time and effort, makes my study seems not getting better...  :P

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    #26 peacewon


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    Posted 12 Mar 14 - 10:41 PM


    actually i would like to know about these too, some people said that learning other language when you already old is harder than when you are younger.
    as i'm from Indonesia it should be easier as we have the same asian basic language but its hard no matter i see it.
    i found my self easier to pronounce japanese than korean.
    how do you see it?

    Sorry to be postig to this years after LOL B UT i just accidentally found this forum. I have been watching all korean tv shows for three years now and I can understand almost all basic stuff. I have learned french and spanish because I lived in those countries asa kid. It does seem a lot easier to learn the new languages as a child. HOWEVER.... Motivation and immersion will count for so much. if you are learning for a hobby or nothing you feel you will use, it might not be as important and urgent as it would be if you lived in Korea and needed to buy food, rent apartments etc....
    The wierd thing that caught my eye though was how you said japanese is easier to pronounce than Korean. You know what? of all the languages i have heard on dramas, all the Asian ones here is my impression:

    Japanese and Korean are very enunciated. Thai, Chinese, are not. When I listen to thai or Chinese it really ( and I am not being mean! I was going to move to China at one point) sounds like they are saying the same letters over and over shi si shis shis shi ssushi.. i cannot make out the differences in them. Mind you thi sis from very casual listening but. just from what little i have heard it was HARD for me to listen to those languages because i felt like it was just white noise or nonsense. Of course I am sure English sounds like that to any one hearing such a an odd and guttural language at first. it probably sounds like we are strangling cats LOL. I do appreciate and love all languages tho, the Thai language really sounded like high voices singing a lot. Chinses sounded like some one whispering secrets in my ear LOL I did not have a negative opinion, I just thought it would be harder to learn them. I include Japanese in those too because until recently I have felt it was also not as enunciated as Korean either but it just got included in that list because just casually listening to it, you can hear all different sounds, not just a few over and over. 
    Either way, I do believe learning as a child is a lot easier because you 1) are not worried so much about making a mistake and are basically mimicking sound and 2) you are way more likely to jump into a conversation with other kids and play and interact more casually. 
    PS.. seriously interesting topic here :)

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    and her Biases... *sigh*

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    #27 ShermanX


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    Posted 13 Dec 14 - 08:40 PM

    I find korean very dificult to master.(as a non-asian)

    for kantonese speakers it's easier, since around 60% of the korean vocabulary originates from kantonese chinese.

    Very similar to the germanic languages and the latin languages are easy to learn for speakers within the same region(an italian and spanish speaker can almost converse in there own language with eachother and they can still follow the context of the conversation due the very similar used with just a slightly different pronounciation, similar counts for german and dutch speakers)


    But as an english, german, dutch, danish, finish, swedish or norse speaker it's very hard to learn.

    Spanish, turkish, Italian and other latin languages have it a bit easier since they to use the same word order. making it a bit easier to connect words you hear to the subtitle you see.


    It's grammar thats's the worst I have ever seen in any language I have learned. they literally have a an uncountable number of way to conjugate verbs, and several formality levels(with there own words)

    When conjugating words(verbs, subjects, actions), quite often the sound of the actual word changes since the ending letter can be transferred to the next word part and therefore change its sound. making it hard to figure out the plain form of the word.

    Quite often a word sounds like gibberish to me, untill they tell me what it means and then it's like, yeah off course because xxx is the base form and it's conjugated "that" way.

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